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Sunday, June 1, 2008

This is Ridiculous . . .

blog readability test

I find that *highly* offensive.


Texie said...

Dang it, mine is Jr. High level too. What is more offensive here? Is it that we ourselves are incapable of comunicating at a higher level? Or is it that we have little faith that our readers have higher comprehension capabilities?

Cygnus said...

Oh I'm convinced that it's the stupid website's inability to comprehend the obviously much higher levels of intelligence. :)

Hey, at least I'm in good company. I still hold that that site is just retarded.

happy mom said...

well since I received highschool level, I feel that what it is, is that you actually write really comprehensively, so really anyone can read your excellent writing.

mine is so difficult to read with all the run on sentences and nonsense that it takes a highschool knowledge to be able to read through the non structure.

Now you can both feel better, it is true!