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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

There Are Just Some Days that Are Just That Excellent

Today, it's raining, it's chilly, and it's frickin' lovely. Today just has one of "those" feelings to it. The grab-a-bowl-of-popcorn-and-a-good-movie feelings--the kind of day where you just stare out the window and know that everything in the world, or maybe just your world, is okay.

It's calms like these that normally indcate the shizac-storm to end all is about to hit. It's for that reason that days like these are so great . . . and so absolutely terrifying.

But for right now, the day is great. I'm busy with work (clearly . . .), we're getting ready for the adoption finalization, the Redwings could lock up Lord Stanley's cup tonight, and yah.

I guess there are some days where you're just really grateful for little things--like weather, or good sleep, or knowing that you're doing a good job at your new job, or that you have a loving family and good friends, or that you have a pint of ben and jerry's waiting for you at home, or that you have a ton of good music to listen to while working, or . . . well, anything that puts a smile on your face. Right now, that smile is born of an internal feeling of okay-ness. In a few minutes, it could be from the little walk i'm going to take to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. after that, it might be the walk to the next building over to grab some lunch.

Little things make for great feelings. Sometimes, when you stop and think about it, those "little" things aren't so little. Not if they can induce a big smile.


happy mom said...

well said

April_Mommy said...

I am ever so happy to hear of your contentment ;-)