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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rose Colored Glasses and Pump Pleasures

I'm not one to believe that the world is all buttered popcorn and jelly bellies, but when life is this good, you have to step back and recognize the good things that have been afforded you in the relatively recent past.

These are are in chronological order.

1. The "new" job. As my team lead put it a while ago, "You've only been here two months, but you're already old hat." This place just doesn't get old.

2. Adopting the girls. No lie: i teared up when the judge asked me point blank if I "do willingly of my own free will and choice accept these two girls as my own, and take upon [me] the responsibility of their parent." It was all I could to do squeak out an audible "yes" for the court's record, but I did ... after several seconds of lump-in-the-throat inability to speak.

3. Temple sealing. For as great as legally adopting the girls was, it didn't hold a candle to walking out of the temple, knowing that these two beautiful girls are now sealed to us for time and all eternity. That is one amazing concept.

4. New car. Yep. That's right. 2006 Honda Civic. Deep, deep blue. Gorgeous vehicle. Definitely a step up from my raggedy truck. I even went so far as to "trick it out" by putting blue LED lights in the dome and map lights. It's pretty slick.

5. Gas mileage. So, said that the '06 civics could expect to get 36 mph on the highway. It's a rather well-accepted notion that the findings posted on that website are conservative in their estimates, meaning that we *could* expect anywhere between 36-40. I would have been happy with that range.

So far, on the first tank, we drove approximately 326 miles. Just for kicks, I tanked up today at lunch. Had I accepted the initial "click-off" of the pump, I would have pumped around 5.9 gallons. At 326 miles, that equates to approximately 55 mpg. I, however, did not accept the initial click, and proceeded to pump an additional 1.1 gallons ... to the point where the tank was almost spilling over the gas tank cap. 7 gallons at 326 equates to approximately 46.5 mpg.

Life is good. In fact, it's *really* good. I hope all (five) of my readers' lives are as good for them, in whatever aspect.


happy mom said...

life is good, only 5 readers huh? thanks for this very happy post, it is always good to hear the good. we are so happy that we have been able to share in your blessings! and I just got a little sneak peek of the pictures, thought you might want to know, they are awesome, despite that you tried to make faces often! can't wait to get them to you.

April_Mommy said...

Life indeed is good. Very very good.