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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

So, I was in our old bathroom, doing what bathrooms are designed to allow. Afterwards, I stuck around and poked through our cabinets, seeing what missing treasures we'd forgotten are still stuck in the now un-used bathroom (we moved ourselves downstairs and gave the girls our room about 6 months or so ago). Amongst the half-used tubes of toothpaste and deoderant sticks was a nearly-full bottle of vicks vapo-steam concentrate. Ideally speaking and assuming a spouse doesn't become highly agitated by the use of a vaporizor laden with this elixer, one would pour some of the concentrate into a humidifier and allow the steam to loosen your chest and clear your sinus passages. However, no such assumption can be made on my part anymore due to weef's adamant and vehement non-concurrence of use.

That does NOT mean that I can't unscrew the lid and take a nice, long, healthy sniff straight from the bottle. I know that sounds completely addict-like. Don't care. I *love* the smell of vicks vapo-ANYthing. Once upon a time, I could buy these little tubes that look like chapstick, but no no--it was a portable Vicks vapo-stick. One quick snort of this stuff, and my eyes would water, nose would drain, throat would clear, lungs would magically expunge all loose phlegm ... it was wonderful. All for a couple of whiffs.

Ahhh ... the good old days.

This stuff rules. Hands down.


Texie said...

OH MY GOSH I love Vicks! It reminds me of when I was young. I would get sick and my Mom would in the evenings give me a bath and then rub my chest and back down with Vicks and then she would put nice clean PJs on me and tuck me in bed. Smelling Vicks is like being babied all over again. LOVE IT.

happy mom said...

okay, I am confused, Lori doesn't like vicks?