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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tripping and Fumbling Down Memory Lane

Today was ... bizarre. In a single day, I've found more friends from a former life as a "back Easterner" than I thought possible. I've had Facebook conversations with friends I haven't spoken with in easily 13-14 years, all of which were as easily picked up as if we had spoken yesterday. It brought back SO many memories: Super Saturdays, YSA activities, college days ... it's been a blast. Still so many common interests, like our once-upon-a-time local football team (who just can't seem to get a break ...), local cuisine, etc. Yet here we all are, almost 20 years removed from our former lives, reconnecting on a new, modern level, and discussing current events like it's no big deal that we haven't spoken in eons.

That's the quality of people I grew up with.

If any of you from FB happen upon this blog, please ... leave a comment. Say hi! I'm so excited to have reconnected with all of you, even if it's only through here for now.


Ree said...

To answer your vague questions on my blog: yes, yes, yes, and yes. Looks like you found the real Ree! Nice to hear from you!

Texie said...

I love, love, love old friends. So fun. I however am a new one. But Id still like to say Hello!

Mark said...

Hey there! I saw your comment on Ree's blog, and came by to check yours out.

PinkDagne00 said...

Aren't the "Ghosts of Christmas Past" fun?

I'm glad to have caught up with you!