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Monday, November 24, 2008

a funny spot to an otherwise unbearable weekend

we've had this dryer for ... what? 4 years or so? in the last few months, it's started not drying without being run through 2 or 3 cycles. now, granted, i've been off laundry patrol since weef's home all day. so she's been doing all the washing and drying.

so when this epidemic hit, i decided that it was absolutely time to look at getting a new dryer. hit up KSL, found a dryer for $30 in ogden WITH delivery from a second-hand store that is renowned for their maintenance and CS. called, still available, scheduled delivery for saturday afternoon. well, since weef was busy combing shariden's hair, i decided to do the laundry.

there were some things in the dryer that still weren't dry, so i restarted the dryer. 10 minutes later, they were all dry. we're talking damp towels, jeans, stuff like that.things that would normally take a LONG time to dry were done in a matter of minutes.

i forgot to mention that weef thought we should blow out the lint trap, so we tried that. i grabbed the shop vac, used the leaf blower part, and blew out whatever was caught in the exhaust and lint trap.

so then i re-ran the dryer, and everything worked great! "sweet! don't need the dryer!" i called the girl, said, "yah ... don't need it, but thanks!" she said that it was no problem, and please keep them in mind for any future appliance needs, which we absolutely will.

weef finished doing whatever it was she was doing. she came down and started doing laundry. next thing we know, her load of drying stuff wasn't dry at all. it wasn't even warm. "crap ..." so weef re-ran the load, i called the appliance people and asked if they could deliver it again. they said they could bring it sunday morning. under normal circumstances, i would have waited until monday, but this was dire.

i got sunday morning and weef was vacuuming the ENTIRE front room: under the couches, the couch bottom, sides, back, cushions inside and out ... everywhere. i, once again, was on laundry patrol

the load in the dryer was still damn, so i re-ran the dryer. again, 10 minutes later, everything was bone dry.

"umm ... lori?"

she came downstairs and i showed her the dry clothes.

"why is it when *i* dry the clothes, the dryer works, but when you use it, it doesn't?"

"i don't know. i always set it to the highest setting."

"really? on the dial, point to where you think the highest setting is."

she pointed dead center on the highest setting, but it was right when the dryer starts cooling down. The "fluff" time of the cycle. i laughed so hard that i shed tears.

needless to say, i called the appliance store again, rather embarrassed.


Dasha said...

Haha, that is really funny. Thanks for the laughs.

April_Mommy said...

So wait, you didn't need a new drier after all? That is awesome!

CoxFamily said...

Classic Lori! I love it! I miss you Lori!!

Texie said...

And then you blogged about it. How proud Lori must feel! That could have been a very expensive overlook so yeah you for the catch! Totally funny sitch.

The Dixon Gang said...

Very funny! Thanks for the chuckle on an otherwise blah day!!!