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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed ...

i'll say this about the gay community: they're persistent.

this is from KCRA's website:

"Matt Dorsey, a representative of the San Francisco city attorney's office, said City Attorney Dennis Herrera will file a legal challenge in the California Supreme Court if the measure wins."

sure. kind of like when i was a kid and i wanted a toy from the store. i used to kick, cry, scream and whine, thinking i'd eventually get my way.

my brother and i had a discussion about this. he said that he thought that, had the vote gone the other way, that the pro-8ers would have filed a petition too. i disagreed, and here's why:

most of the gay activists are ... what? young adults. 20s, 30s ... sure they have some in probably every age range, but my guess is that the overwhelming majority is going to fall in the 20s-30s.

i've noticed over the years that there's this pervading mentality of "entitlement"--"the world owes me" with the younger generation, and anything or anyone gets in their way be damned. "i am OWED this or that. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT."

now ...

that's not to say that the pro-8rs don't have their 20s-30s demographic that have the same mentality, but it just seems like, right now, it's "cool" or "hip" to be pro-gay marriage, and the majority of people who cling to that entitlement-ality are younger people. "gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme. " whereas the pro-8 side seems to have a much more balanced, spread-out demographic.

these are just my thoughts. i don't know if a demographics research would support my theories or not. just a hunch though ... i bet they would.


Texie said...

Never received an email from you. You should email me at this may get us some better results.

JLJ said...

I'm with Brian thinking that the pro-8ers would have also attempted other legal means. After it's invested so much, why not keep trying? This isn't to say that I don't agree with your analysis of the younger generations. We've grown up seeing and believing that anything can happen in the courts - so why not sue?

But I am certain that we, the pro-8ers, would never have displayed such hate and frenzied protesting if the proposition had gone the other way.