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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When Those Winds of Change Blow . . .

It's like the Santa Anas . . . taking the cold chill out of the air and replacing it with warm, balmy wonderfulness.

Take, for example, my new company. Today, I'm wearing a hockey jersey and jeans. Yesterday, I wore shorts and a t-shirt (stupid, since it was kind of cold, but just because I could . . .). The company provides snacks and drinks of all kinds—from Rockstar to Mt. Dew. Office hours are basically from 7 am to 6 or so pm, but you can take your laptop home with you and work on what you need there too, if you have other pressing matters, like a doctor visit. Everything here is run on a wireless network. For meetings, we drag our laptops with us. We check email, send files back and forth, we have SKYPE installed for instant messaging . . . I don’t know. Maybe it’s the environment in which I worked for 4+ years—isolated, locked down, button-up shirt and slacks, no cell phones, cameras, video devices, pdas, wireless ANYthing . . . the contrast between there and here is so stark.

Don’t get me wrong—I understand the reasons for the lock-down in my old position. The level of security in that building was high. But here . . . it’s just different.

I do miss my old friends though. That's the biggest down side to working here: no one I've known for half a decade. I'll give it some time though. I've only been here . . . what? 7 full days? All in good time.


Texie said...

Oh knowing you, you will make tons of friends right away. Better ones even. (No just kidding you wont make better friends!) How was the first week? Sounds like going to work everyday will be like going on vacation every single day. Lucky! I am so glad that you are enjoying your new spot. Keep you blog updated so that I know what is going on with you and your adorable family.

JLJ said...

It sounds like a nice change. And you know, if the company is that cool, the other employees are probably cool too. Good luck!

happy mom said...

sounds like a very good change, and you make friends everywhere.