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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

and the winds keep on blowing!

so last thursday, my new company gave me a cell phone. not just any cell phone; this is a t-mobile dash. slick little pda-style phone. it does all the regular phone stuff, plus it syncs with my work and home emails, it has wireless and bluetooth, it syncs with any files i need/want, it can access office 2003 or 2007 files, it has windows mobile 6. in short, this thing is slick. and they GAVE it to me. unlimited minutes and data tranfer, 250 text messages (big deal . . . i never text anyway).

then yesterday happened. to summarize, we are vehicle-less for about another day while my wife's car is worked on. for those of you familiar with my truck, it is no more. it's permanently parked where it is, and i'm not planning on moving it unless someone comes and tows it away. we'll donate it to charity for the tax write-off, and that'll be that. because of being mobile-ly dysfunctional, weef's folks said we could borrow one of extraneous cars. another problem: weef has to go in to work to finish up all her reports. the girl who normally watches our girls can't do it today, and apparently neither can anyone else, so i'm going down to work, picking up my laptop, and coming home to work on the stuff here. nice, eh? i'm rather happy about that. when i called my team lead last night, he said that it was fine--it happens on occasion.

so, let's see where this company stands so far:
- $17k more a year
- free snacks and drinks
- free phone
- work at home when necessary
- casual dress environment

the only question left to ask is: why didn't i move down here before!?


Texie said...

No more truck? So sad. What are you really going to do with it? How much would you sell it to me for? And what is wrong with it? (currently that is). My Dad is looking for a little truck just like yours and if the engine didnt fall to the ground maybe he would be interested. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying work. Hows your girls?

happy mom said...

is there an opening for Brian? he already has those perks except for the free stuff, and the 17k more a year, so you know, what do you have? or maybe I should start working! na, okay so you have your emails on your phone so the questions is, why are you still ignoring me? because I am anoying I know but I don't care I am going to push this until I hear from you!