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Monday, May 26, 2008

What Else Can You Do at 2 in the Morning?

So, here I am . . . awake at 2 am. Actually, now it's 2:50, but I've been up since about 2. What am I supposed to do? Yah, I'm a little groggy, but I'm literally incapable of falling back asleep. I'd toss and turn until I finally give in and get up anyway; might as well do something productive while I'm awake, right?

But what to do? I mean, I can't go upstairs and clean; I'd wake up the girls. I can't vacuum down here; I'd wake up Lori. So what's something nice and quiet that I can do and feel productive?

How about organize the computer desk? Since Saturday, I've been on this MASSIVE kick to organize everything over here. For those of you (read: Happy Mom) who have seen this embarrassment of a desk, it's humiliating. There's stuff scattered everywhere, thigns within the girls' reach that I don't want them messing with . . . so it's been an organizational weekend. That includes taking the entire bookshelf worth of CDs that I have and organizing them into back-up discs, appz discs, drivers discs, and games discs. Those are being put on 50-count cakebox spindles. That alone entails verifying usability/feasibility of the discs. Some of these back-up discs have incredibly archaic executables, like a Win95 bootable floppy app that goes,of course, on a floppy. A) Who still uses floppies? Other than my old SME buddies back in the MP world. :) Curse you, Solaris 2.5.1. But other than that, pretty much no one uses floppies.

But you get my point: there is some massive overhauling to be done. WHy not use the quiet time between now and when the girls wake up to keep organizing and cleaning?

And, of course, blogging about the organizing. :)


April_Mommy said...

I was actually shocked when I bought my new computer and it didn't even come with a floppy drive. At first I felt a little cheated, but then I thought... hmm when is the last time I actually used a floppy disk? I think it was like 1998 or something crazy like that.

happy mom said...

too bad I like to sleep so much or I could get some organizing done on my desk, it is in need as well, and dusting, yuck!