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Monday, May 12, 2008

Humor at its Best (sort of)

Funny moment the other night: Weef and I were watching “The Holiday”—a movie that’s been on our watch-list for a while, but we hadn’t had the time to sit down and watch. Saturday night, we remedied that.

One of the characters was a real gung-ho cleaner . . . keeping her house all tidy and organized. Weef was watching this and taking note. At one point, she said, “Ya know, I wish I were a neat freak.” Without skipping a beat, I replied with a smile, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think you’re a really neat freak.”

My right shoulder and arm still sport the results of the ensuing beating.


Texie said...

Well, I completely know what she means. Where do these people get all that energy anyway. Running around constantly picking up, scrubbing, removing dust. It would be too exhausting for me. But I sure would like to be one. Maybe I am just to busy tending to my other obsessions. Good luck with that arm thing.

JLJ said...

Rude! Although I have to commend your quick wit.

April_Mommy said...

You deserved the beating, even if she did leave herself wide open... punk.

happy mom said...

Silly, and rude, and funny. So happy anniversary and would you people please acknowledge that I am alive! really come on! call me email me something!