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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Milk Fairy Cometh

Due to an unforeseen oversight on my and weef's part, we were milk-less this morning when the girls woke up at the sad, pathetic time of 6:08. Hearing them bump around in their room, I quickly flew up the stairs and told them that it was too early to be up. Per their norm, they both whined in unison, "Daddy, I want miiiiiiiiiilk." Girl 1, who's quickly learning that we insist on being polite, hesitantly added a half-hearted "please" to the end of her string of wailing. I told them that we don't have any milk, and that they could have some water.

The cacophany that ensued could have, and probably should have, awakened the dead. Ironically, we live about half a mile from a cemetary. I actually thought that we'd be the victims of a zombie attack within 20 minutes (cuz, you know . . . zombies don't really walk all that fast . . . they more or less drag their feet wherever it is they're going). Thankfully, and maybe it's just because it's Saturday, they never showed up. Hey, zombies probably like sleeping in on Saturdays too, right?

But I digress.

So I offered to give them water in their sippy cups. No dice. Much whining. Girl 1 kept on about the milk. I flung open the refrigerator door and asked her to point out the milk. "Hmmmm . . . we don't have any, daddy!"

"That's right. Now walk your little bum back to your room and crawl back in bed. I will give you some water, but we have no milk."

As is so often the case with my rantings, it's too late to make a long story short, but to summarize the next little bit, I got them back in bed, ran to the store, grabbed some cereal and a couple gallons of milk that *might* last us through tomorrow, and a block of cheese. Ran home, quietly opened the door, and listened for the tell-tale signs that they were both out of bed. To my amazement, they were both stone silent. "Hmm! Must've gone back to sleep."


Girl 1 has a favorite song right now: Hysteria by Muse. It's hilarious. She even knows when to bang her head. I'm in awe. So, right now, both girls are upstairs eating their cereal. Girl 1 must be done; she's bellowing at the top of her lungs, "I WANT IT NOW! I WANT IT NOW!! GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!!!" Granted, there's more to the song than that, but that's what she knows right now. It's so adorable.


So I came down stairs, started setting up my new phone with some better ringers, when I heard then start bumping around again. Conceding the fact that they are simply not going back to bed, I went upstairs and got them some breakfast--some kind of flake and granola cereal.

Now . . . remember, I went to the store and bought some milk. Both girls knew that we didn't have any milk before I sent them back to bed. When I reached in the fridge to pull out one of the gallons I had just bought, both girls looked at each other and screamed, "MIIIIIIIILK!!!" I don't think they were quite that excited at Christmas. It was seriously hilarious. All grinning and clapping, squealing with joy at the site of a gallon of milk sitting on the counter. I wish I had the video camera rolling when they went off; it was that priceless.

Anyway, ha ha.


happy mom said...

funny that you would refer to yourself as a fairy! It is so good that they are milk drinkers, you know it helps with strong bones! cute girls I miss them.

April_Mommy said...


*This is where the chocolate fairy shows up at my doorstep with a huge bar of tasty chocolate... just a hint.

JLJ said...

I love that, "too late to make a long story short." he he. That made me laugh. And so did the vision of your girls awed by the miracle of the milk.