Music for the Masses

Monday, April 28, 2008

What To Do, What To Do . . .

Well, it's official. I'm officially "unemployed". My last day was last Friday, and my new job doesn't start until 5 May. I have off THE ENTIRE WEEK. HA!

Ironically, here's a list of things I'd like to do this week:

- Weed (by "things to do" and "weed", I mean pull the weeds in the front yard--not smoke . . . just so we're clear)
- Check sprinkler system
- Mow
- Paint
- Patch holes and paint
- Test-run drive to work
- Doctor (again--same issue)

I'm pretty sure I'll get to all of them . . . it's just a matter of when. There'll be other things that come up too, but for now, that's the list.

I'm so stoked. This is going to be an awesome week, and then I start my awesome new job. I'm already excited for it. A whole new adventure is just a week away. That's pretty cool.


Texie said...

Dont forget to add some serious lazy TV time!

happy mom said...

you go! and how are you! sorry that the dr. brought on trauma but I am glad that your sprinklers are good!