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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Early Bird Can HAVE the Worm

It figures. On my one scheduled day off, girl 2 gets up early. I was comfortably coccooned in my warm bed, right on the verge of falling back to sleep, when I heard it--that faint, sucking of air sound that is so distinct as the precursor to a 2-year old yawn. Following that were the little whimpers of discontent about being alone on the stairs. So I got up, took her back upstairs, and put her back in bed. All the while, she was wailing and sobbing, "NO!! I WANT MOMMY!"

"Well, sweetie, mommy's still asleep. Daddy would be too. Your sister is asleep . . . heck, honey--the SUN is still asleep. Do you really want to be up right now? It's dark outside." She went right back down.

I, by way of comparison, am stuck awake, semi-alert, and somewhat conscious. It's an unpleasant sensation--teetering on the edge of sleep, but being yanked back from the brink JUST as I'm about to step over that edge and fall into wonderful slumber.

No. I'm very much awake.

Oh well. There's a lot to do today anyway, especially given some pending news that I'm waiting to become official before I make any grandiose announcement. Stay tuned for some exciting updates about our little corner of the world!


JLJ said...

Ok, that last comment is super creepy. You should remove it. I saw one EXACTLY like it on my friends blog except it was called Brazil Notebooks.

Anywhoooo, I was actually going to say something about your exciting announcement and hanging onto the edge of my seat.

happy mom said...

that's why we have a king bed!