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Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have a new definition of irony--one that I never thought I would encounter, yet find myself smack in the thick of the most ridiculous and bitter battle.

So, irony: discovering that a supposed best friend thinks that you need anger management. This discovery is happened upon by the fact that this person is screaming at you in your office, and then in front of the entire office. When you call a couple of days later to discuss the issue, this friend continues yelling at you, then procedes to hang up on you. THEN as you call back later and ask your friend not to hang up on you, this person then tells you, "dude . . . LET IT GO." Because, you know . . . I'm the one clinging to the anger and rage.

Irony. Gotta love it.

I'm reminded of the once-bitter Tool, who, on their second-to-latest release, produced the following gem:

Saturn comes back around to show you everything
Let's you choose what you will not see and then
Drags you down like a stone or lifts you up again
Spits you out like a child, light and innocent.

Saturn comes back around. Lifts you up like a child or
Drags you down like a stone
To consume you till you choose to let this go.

Give away the stone.
Let the oceans take and transmutate this cold and fated anchor.
Give away the stone.
Let the waters kiss and transmutate these leaden grudges into gold.
Let go.

Yah. That song takes on a whole new meaning for me this weekend. For your blogging pleasure, it will now reside as the #1 track on here until further notice.

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