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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out the Door

Well, this is the good news I was talking about last time. See, I applied for a new position with this other company a couple of weeks ago. I spoke with the recruiter last week, and he said that an offer package is on its way. Meanwhile, a verbal offer was proposed, salary and benefits were discussed, and after the discussion, the recruiter asked if that sounded acceptable. I said, "Yes sir, it indeed does!"

And acceptable it is! $17k more a year, 12,500 stock-option shares, great environment . . . I'm stoked.

I had felt that I've needed a larger change for several months. After the debacle in February, I though that maybe it was time to move on, but moving over here and working with a really close friend made everything okay. Yah, it was still difficult to deal with, but I survived.

Let's just say that is no longer "okay" and leave it at that.

But I'm SO stoked! We've been praying for an "out" for weeks. This one literally fell in my lap. It's a wonderful, great opportunity to clear my head and make a new start. I couldn't possibly be happier.

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happy mom said...

I am so happy for you all, and say that I hope you look for a house by us. please!