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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Weekends Rule

So yesterday was a great day. I finally got to mow the front yard and edge the driveway, sidewalk edges, and the curb. It took about 3.5 hours, most of which was spent bending over and edging or shop-vacuuming up the dirt. It looks better than it did, but it's not the best edger. I'll take it though.

So the yard looks better. Now I just need to throw down some grass seed to fill in the bare spots.

Later, we had some friends over for pizza and games. Their girls and ours stayed downstairs and destroyed pretty much everything (actually, I'm pretty sure that was just our girls; theirs are older and not so destructive, and they pick up after themselves). I don't know how popcorn can get inside an entertainment center without opening the cabinet doors (short of teleporting, but . . . ), but it did. Under, in, on, above, mixed in with, ground into, and any other prepositional phrases that might be appropriate. Carpet, couches, coffee table, blankets, stuffed animals, flowers . . . yah. Everywhere. Hoover to the rescue! :) We cleaned it up in a matter of minutes, so it was more comical than anything . . . after the fact.

Anyway, the adults stayed upstairs for chatting and games. We played this card game called "Arne". It was pretty sweet. It's sort of like Uno, except the point is to collect cards/points. We sat around and talked about foster care, adoption, family life, work life . . . it was nice to sit around and talk.

Then there's today. We were planning on having chicken thighs in the crockpot, but then weef's sister called and invited us over to their place for dinner. We had this incredible roast with potatoes, corn, and brownies for dessert. My brother in law is a chef. That should pretty much sum up the meal. :)

Good times. Weef and I drove around this evening looking at houses for sale. We found a pretty nice one, but it only has 3 bedrooms. How do you only have 3 bedrooms in a house that's over 3300 square feet? Our house now is 2200, and we have 4, with the potential for 6. not the biggest rooms, mind you, but still--nice rooms.

What is around the corner? It's always such a mystery. We could move to Salt Lake, or we could stay put. I might get another job, or I might keep my job here. Weef might work next year, she might not. Who knows where we'll be or what we'll be doing in a month, 6 months, a week . . . a year . . . we just don't know.

And, really . . . it doesn't matter. Right now, I'm happy with the way things are as whole. There are things that I wish were different, but those things are out of my control. There are things in my control that I *can* change--things about me. And yah--there are definitely things I'd like to change about myself . . . but who doesn't have a laundry list like that? :)

Good weekend, though. Really good.


JLJ said...

Yes, that sounds like a nice weekend. There is a huge amount of peace to be had in finding contentment. As latter day saints it is a difficult balance to strike between having faith in your future and being grateful for your present blessings. Does "hoping for a better world" mean we are not grateful or content with the one we have?
We are uncertain about our future too. In fact, right now I'm uncertain if I'll ever get out of my pj's and fold the laundry that is waiting for me.

happy mom said...

okay was this place finished or was it a 3 bedroom with an unfinished basement?

I want you plans to move you closer to us. but I hear you would prefer plans to go north again, that darn valley for making you love it so.

good luck with all and amen to what jlj says.