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Saturday, October 11, 2008

And Then There Were Three

Lori has an all-day "girls day out" activity planned with a bunch of friends. Shopping, lunch, and a matinee play at some comedy theater. They're not going to be back until late this evening. That means we get a daddy/daughter day! Not sure what we're going to do, but we're going to do something! SomethingS! LOTS of things.

"Like blog?"

Shut up. AFTER I blog. Smart alecks ... all of you. :)

Okay, so right now, they're playing with a measuring tape, measuring everything: each other; the dogs; the tv; their kitchen set; plates; cups; the couches; our wood-buring stove ... they're insatiable. The beauty is that they have NO idea what they're actually doing. They know the tape goes in and out of the tape measure, and it has numbers on it. But it's so cute.

I think we're going to go to McDougals for lunch. They'll have a kids meal between them (yes, they eat that lightly), then they'll play on the doohickey for a while, then we'll come home and they'll sleep. Before that, thought, I think we'll go shopping. They LOVE riding around in the car carts. You know ... the fun carts for kids that have little steering wheels in the front that do nothing other than spin freely? Yah. I could push them around our local store for hours (don't ask how I know) and they'll eat that up.

Dinner. What to do. Mac and cheese, I suppose, but that's so bland. Maybe I'll grill them some hot dogs. They do enjoy a well-grilled dog.

"It's time now. My time now. Give me my wings."


happy mom said...

I am so excited for you daddy daughter day! expecially since you are excited about it, good for you!

And I just want to clear up the fact that I do not fear the foster care system I fear having any more children, at all! and I fear even more that I may be prompted to have more!

Hope today was good.

The Dixon Gang said...

Hey, so I have a question for your wifey but I'm not sure how often she checks her blog. It's about Ashlie and the whole speech therapy thing. The school finally called me today to set up the IEP for next week. We've only been in school for over 2 months. I have an interesting feeling she is going to tell me that until she can pronounce the R correctly that there is no need for speech therapy. I'm not sure what to think about that. Will you ask her for me??? Thank you friend.

Texie said...

I say before you stuff their precious faces with enough carbs to make even a donkey sleep, you teach them how to use the tape measure, well at least the concept of the inch will come in handy later in life! Did I mention that I miss you and think the man child that was hired to replace you is a total jerk?