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Monday, September 22, 2008

Vocabulary Lessons

So, today, I'm working from home. My wife volunteered at girl 1's school this morning, which left me with girl 2. Having much to do for work, I hunkered down in front of my monitor after I set up girl 2 with as much "Clifford the Big Red Dog" as she could handle. Apparently, it wasn't interesting enough. A few minutes later, she came bounding over to my (off-limits) area. "Daddy, I want see pictures!"

"Do you, now. And what do you want to see pictures of?"


I took a few seconds to soak this in and stifle a percolating laughter. After I got myself under control, I said, "Honey, can you say, 'narcissist'?"


"Okay, watch daddy. 'nar'..."

"Nawww ..."




She said that one pretty well. So then we tried saying it altogether.



I couldn't keep it in any longer. The laughter bubbled over, and girl two just giggled and giggled.

"Sweetie, daddy loves you."


"Yes, sweetie. Still want to see some of your pictures?"



That lasted all of 4 seconds before she decided to go check out Clifford again.

What a doll.


Texie said...

Hey. Call my cellular when you get a moment. No I am just kidding, call it right now okay! 389-1829

happy mom said...

He really doesn't read my blog, I guess he does sometimes, but usually only when I prompt him to. and if he finally does, by that point I should have already put the money away and had enough research that he can't say no. that's the plan anyway.

JLJ said...

Girl 2 is only doing what a girl her age should be doing.... loving her self and being self-centered. That is a good thing! I can't believe you were trying to teach her 'narcissist' :)

Texie said...

You really need to blog more often!