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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury ...

When you're told that your child's school starts on 2 September, and you buy her new clothes that she may only wear when school starts, and you buy her pencils, crayons, glue, paper, and all the other accoutrement that come with going to pre-school, and you get her dressed and ready to go, AND you get to the school and try walking her to class, AND THEN you find out that--no--school doesn't start until the 4th, be prepared for the fall-out.

Such was the predicament for my sweet wife today. We've been telling girl 1 for weeks that today was the day she'd get to go back to school and see her old friends. Today was a gargantuan disappointment, and she let weef know just how disappointed she was. I can summarize in 3 words: it wasn't pretty.

Girl 1 likes to learn. She studies bugs and plays with them like they're regular toys. This presents a problem when they're playing in the back yard; we have a known problem with black widows that no amount of spraying or bug bombing seems to quell. So basically, we told her that spiders are OFF-LIMITS. She may play with box elder bugs, potato bugs, ants, or pretty much anything else she finds in the back yard EXCEPT SPIDERS. To her credit, she's done remarkably well. Anyway, so she has this penchant and passion for learning. Telling her that school was going to have to wait 2 more days was the equivalent of telling the female population between 9 and 22 in early 60s England that the Beatles wouldn't be performing tonight--they'd be performing on Thursday night.

Woman scorned? Try a 4-year old. Yikes.

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JLJ said...

Sad. I feel sorry for wife and girl1. Because my #1 was starting a new school (new as in newly constructed) the first day of school kept getting pushed back. It was supposed to start August 11. Then on the Friday before, they called and said it would be August 18. Then on the Friday before they called and said they hoped to start August 25, but there was a chance of it starting on September 2. Of course it started on September 2nd. But, the Friday before, they called again! To say that school would begin but not at the school.... in a rented reception center.... because they still didn't have their occupancy permit. Yes, it was very frustrating trying to balance #1's excitement and fear of school starting without a firm starting date. So I hear you.