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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home Projects 101

It's a simple matter of life, I guess, or maybe some derivation of Murphy's Law: If you plan on doing a home remodeling project--even if it *is* spur of the moment--everything and anything will come up to keep you from completing it in the time you've alloted. Such is the case with our "weekend warrior" attempt to have our bedroom shed its wallpaper (read: multiple layers of wallpaper) and painted by Monday evening. As it stands, we *might* be able to pull this off, but it's going to be a challenge.

Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of the day peeling, spraying and scraping off all the wallpaper. Between the paper and the carpet chunks being used as baseboards, that filled a 55-gallon garbage bag to the point of spilling over the top. Today being Sunday, we're taking a break from the week in general to relax, spend time at church and with family, and basically just rest. Hooray for Sundays! Tomorrow, though ... I'm throwing myself into the fray at 6 am. I bought two gallons of hearty Kilz, which should be enough to prime the whole room--ceiling and walls. A coat of primer dries in about an hour, so then we'll apply a second coat. After that, it's off to Home Depot to select a lovely shade of puce. Or mauve. Or whatever it is that weef wants. I believe her current color of choice comes from "the plum family." Once again, my dreams of having an all black room seem to have been utterly shot. Oh well.

So that's what's on the docket for tomorrow. We probably could have primed and at least painted A coat yesterday if things hadn't come up during the course of the day, but they did. Typical ... life throws things at us every day that side-track us from things. Sometimes these things are important--like helping a friend pick up a new mattress set or your wife having to pick up her consignment shop item. I don't necessarily think that picking up the hutch or moving the mattress was necessarily "mission critical" for either of them, but they wanted/needed these things done yesterday, or they would have had to wait a week or two more. Why not just get them out of the way?

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