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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RSS confusion

okay, so i have rss feed subscriptions to all y'all's blogs, right? for the last 3+ weeks, i haven't gotten a single update. i figured, "must be a moratorium on blogging for the summer so everyone can maximize their outdoor time." silly me, since one of you lives in phoenix and one of you lives in kanab ... why would you *want* to be outside?!

anyway, so i think i projected my outdoor longings on to everyone else. i haven't bothered checking actual blogs to see if anything's been written. imagine my surprise when most of you have something like 10 new posts!

anyway, i declare an end to the non-existent summertime moratorium! that's my right and privlege as a moron, right? :)

let the blogging continue! at least on my end ... since y'all have been blogging anyway. :)


Texie said...

Welcome back man.

April_Mommy said...

I avoid going outdoors until about 8 pm when it finally starts to cool off ;-)

JLJ said...

Oh, I definitely LONG to be outside. I just have to wait another two months.

dorolerium said...

I don't believe I've ever heard you say "y'all", so I'm going to pretend that I am increasingly influencing your use of language.

happy mom said...

So did you get this confusion fixed? I see you haven't written much, just like me, so I don't have to catch up too much with you, thank goodness, I am so behind!