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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Absolutely no California Dreaming

First off, this link about San Francisco legalizing prositution:

What an abhorrent (pardon the ironic pun) concept. This, in conjunction with the possible rejection of Proposition 8, is the specific reason why I would never want to live in California, yet feel somehow civically responsible TO move out there and combat these insidious evils. Yes, I said it--"insidious evils." You're welcome to think what you want about gay rights and same-sex marriage. My opinion is that it's wrong, and I make no apologies for it. I also believe that God put men and women on this planet to procreate and replenish the earth. Further, I also believe that the family--man, woman, and children--are the core units of society.

A dad and a mom bring a balance to a family. A mom and a mom (or dad and another dad) don't. They just do not.

I have friends that are HUGE proponents of homosexuality and gay marriages. That's fine. Their opinions are theirs, and I don't intend to try to change their minds. What I do intend to do is toot my pro-Prop 8 horn as loudly and as adamantly as I can.

But enough about the gay marriage rant and tirade
This new Prop K thing might just also become a personal vendetta for me.


The Dixon Gang said...

We are feeling your Pro-Prop 8 here in CA. Unlike any other election, the church has become very involved in the whole Prop 8 and is using lots of resources to try to get it to pass. We've been working the phones personally calling voters and talking to them about it. It is so scary to think what will happen if it does not pass. Craig has already said the kids will be pulled from public schools to begin with. Pray for us!!!

Texie said...
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Texie said...

Yeah...crazy California. I am not opposed to same sex marriage. I dont believe I have the right to tell other human beings how they should live, and expect that no-one will ever tell me what my life decisions are or should be. With that said, WOW, legal prostitution. Will legalizing it drive down prices and force them back into the work force? Ha ha.

CoxFamily said...

Tag...your it!