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Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a Wonderful Weekend

Yesterday was frickin' awesome. So, okay ... back story: I met these two awesome friends in college. This was back in 1994. We did a lot of hanging out, road trips, etc. So then we all went our separate ways in 1995. Well, I did, anyway; they got married and lived in Idaho. A few months later, I moved out to Utah. They volunteered to come down and pick me up for Thanksgiving of 1995. That's a mighty feat, considering they lived about 2.5 hours north. But that's the kind of people they are. :)

Anyway, we had a lovely Thanksgiving together, along with some other friends from the previous college year. Next thing I knew, they moved to California. I think it was a couple of years after that Thanksgiving, but still ...

So they've been in California ever since. They come back to Idaho for visits every so often, but we've never been able to get together. That changed yesterday.

It was lovely. We caught up on their lives, met their awesome kids, had a great bbq and talked for 4 or 5 hours. The kids busied themselves with stuff like "Cars," "The Incredibles," and the like. We talked about our kids, their kids, our lives, their lives ... it was really cool. AND we're going to go out to California to visit them. Not sure when, but we are! Hopefully in December, but if not, certainly next late spring or early summer. Weef's work schedule somewhat erratic due to the nature of her career, but it does allow for some time off in large chunks at various times throughout the year.

Thanks for stopping by and gracing us with your presence. It was fantastic. And we're DEFINITELY coming out there. :)


Texie said...

That sounds super fun. What did you do on the 4th? Were you with these 'old' friends? Hope you had a happy holiday!

The Dixon Gang said...

We had sooo much fun too!!! Thanks for feeding us and visiting. We had a great time meeting your family :)