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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missed My Calling in Life

So, lately, I've been into taking macro pictures of bugs. My parents in law's backyard is a great source. I've gotten good pictures of wasps, some kind of bee, ants, and dragonflies. This, obviously, is a dragon fly. Pretty cool, eh? Yah ... I took that. I was sitting on in-laws' steps in the terrace, and I saw this little guy. Pretty nice.

This guy was just hanging out on a shrub on the side of the house, but there were plenty in the terrace, too. I just couldn't get them to sit still. "Cheese" doesn't exactly fly with grasshoppers. Didn't know that, did ya?

Pretty sweet wasp, eh? I'm wondering if I had some pollen on my lens that he was scoping out; he was staring pretty intently at the camera at one point--the point where I *didn't* have my finger on the shutter release. Figure that.

Weef thinks this is a Box Elder bug, but I'm not convinced it is, though I'm not sure what it is. Check out the eyes. Creepy! They're totally red. As girl 1 likes to say, "EEEEEWWW!"

No lie: I said, "Dragonfly, LAND ON ME!" 4 seconds later, it did. Ask my in-laws. It was amazing ... it just flew right up and *plop*--there he was. Right on my shorts. What's a guy to do but start snapping close-ups.

Same little guy, just a close-up of his head. If you click on the image, you can see the details in the eyes. It's amazing. Unfortunatly, he was dead by the time we went to the fireworks later that night. My theory is that he was stung by a wasp over in the shrubs on the south side of the house, since that's where he flew from.


Texie said...

Interesting. annnnd sorta gross. Their good pictures though. I love hobbies.

JLJ said...

Wow. Those belong in a biology book. Or botony. Or whatever science bugs belong too. I'm a little grossed out that you were that close to all those little critters.