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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cravings and Musings

So, here I am, all worky and stuff. Today is my 6th day with no caffeinated beverages. Those of you who know the pattern will recognize this as the day when I normally cave and start pounding the crap out of a 12-pack.

Today is different, though. I can't explain it. Yes, I'm dying. Yes, I want to imbibe the nectar of the Eden. I'm roiling in my desire for one can. But a can alone it would not be; oh no . . . it'd be like pulling my finger out of the crack in the dam that's nigh unto bursting. One can, and I'd be a goner.

Of course, all it would take is something resembling the headache I now endure to remind me of the pending agony that would surely unfold, should "the dam break."

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happy mom said...

wow, how is this going? still staying away?