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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New job, same company

Well, I'm no longer working where I did at this time 2 weeks ago. Odd story, the details of which I don't really want to get into here, but I can sum up everything pretty easily: I transferred positions. Kind of the same job--it's a technical writing position, but it's a completely different environment. With this position, I'll be documenting in-house technical website apps and useage. Sort of. Anyway, it's going to take a LONG time to get everything done that needs to be documented.

See, our web development team designs all kinds of little proprietary apps that run on this massive web site. None of these have been documented as to what they are, what they perform, where they reside on the site, who has responsibility for maintaining them, or ANYthing. My job is going to be to document all of that, plus any other mini-parts, drawing/diagrams, parts list maintenance, and a bunch of other things. It's going to be a long time before I'm even caught up. After that, it'll be a basic roll-out of everything else that comes down the pike. Should be interesting.

HOW I got to this position is a matter of great irritation. I'm glad to be here, but in no way did I appreciate or enjoy the methods used to get me over here.

What saddens me the most is the rumor mill that will churn out umpteen million ridiculous notions as to why I came over here. None of them matters; all that matters to me is who knows the truth. The rest can speculate until they die of a bleeding ulcer (and for some, that isn't too far a stretch, given their penchant for gossip-mongering).

Along with this move comes the sad news that I will no longer be able to visit my cousin and her family. All work-related trips are now in the hands of someone else. I don't know who, but I do know that I won't be taking any business trips for a very long time, and probably never to where my cousin lives. That sucks because I would have liked to have dinner with them just once out their way, but it is what it is.

Arg. Once again, I'm all unhappy with this whole ordeal. Again, I want to reiterate that I am glad to be where I am . . . it's the reason behind why that irritates me so much.


happy mom said...

I have yet to get the email that says this is my new work number. but hey, it will be good you are done with the crappy people you worked with, I think. cheer up!

JLJ said...

I'm sad you won't get to see us here in AZ too.