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Saturday, February 9, 2008

"I sleepy good!"

Well, this makes for the second night in a row that girl 2 has gotten up within 5 minutes of going to bed and announcing to her stunned foster parents that she has rested as much as she's going to, and she "sleepy good." Tonight, it was actually probably closer to 10 minutes after going to bed, but last night it took all of about 15 seconds. I know this because I anticipated the move and stood in the kitchen, which is in sight of her bedroom door. All of the sudden, in the dark and shadows, I could just barely make out her tiny sillhouette. I went tip-toeing down the hall as quietly as a 300+ pound guy can, and she ran out to meet me the rest of the way down the hall. "Daddy! I sleepy good!"

"Great! Do that about a thousand more times, then you can get up."

She didn't like that.

1 comment:

happy mom said...

How cute! I'll remember the do that about a thousand more times, thing.

Sam has pulled that, but not the girls yet.