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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Feeling Good

Today is Sunday. During the week, girls 1 and 2 adamantly insist upon watching "Curious George" or "Mickey's Playhouse" (hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!) or "The Backyardigans." On Sundays, though, we discourage them from watching that which they would watch during the rest of the week. Problem: we didn't have a lot of "churchy" DVDs for them to feast upon. We had "Mr. Krueger's Christmas," and that's about it. Then we came across a copy of "The Testament." Girl 1 watched that a few times. Actually, she still watches it. She calls it "The Jesus Show," which, in my hedonistic mind, sounds kind of blasphemous (I'm picturing a variety hour show with some theme music, and at the top of the stairs . . . yah--you get the picture), but she can't say "Testament," so we let it slide.

ANYway, so then we picked up some "Junior's Giants" DVDs. These are sweet because they're actually entertaining on an adult level, but the girls eat them up. Girl 1 more than girl 2, but that's because girl 2 doesn't quite have an attention span yet. We're working on it.

Now we've reached the "pinnacle" of LDS kids' Sunday video watching experience--Animated Stories from the Book of Mormon. I say "pinnacle" with an ounce of tongue-in-cheek; I've always considered these videos to be sort of schlocky--a way for some company to capitalize off the Church. Then again, the same could be said of Deseret Books, Seagull, etc. But for some reason, these videos just never did it for me.

The other day, we ordered 3 of these LSI videos. Today, we're test driving the 3 DVDs we've gotten so far. At the end of disc 2, we've had nary a complaint from girl 1. She loves them! She watches so intently, and as soon as the credits start to roll, she yells, "Daddy! I wanna watch it again!"

There is definitely a different feeling in the house right now. You'd have to have been here the last couple of days. Weef and I have been grumpy, the girls have been sassy and disobedient (more than normal, even), and there's just been this not-so-good feeling. It's been rough. Even this morning, with daylight savings time skipping an hour, the girls getting to bed WAY past their bedtime last night and getting up even earlier than normal, and weef not getting the sleep she needs, we all woke up grumpy. Then we started the DVDs . . . and it all went away. The bad feelings, that is. It's been a nice, relaxing, quiet, peaceful morning.

It's a good day. :)

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