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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I collect glow in the dark stuff. Most people know that about me. If you didn't, well . . . now you do. :) ANYway, so Lori and I are also into this whole geocaching thing. Part of the fun is finding "trackables," such as travelbugs and/or geocoins. Guess who's found some glow in the dark geocoins. Ebay has a smattering from time to time. On rare occasions, they'll have really good ones, like this little guy. There's also this one, which is much more up my alley.

Anyway, I do that. So far, we have quite the little collection going with these things.

It's Sunday afternoon. I should be at church, but girl 1 has what we think is pink eye, and girl 2 is sporting a neon green/yellow snot-covered nose. Girl 2 has already been to the doctor, but girl 1 really needs to go.

Speaking of girl 1, I think she just had a nightmare. It's not like her to wake up crying for no reason. Typically, it's a nightmare, and only mommy can handle those. Daddy isn't allowed to help, or to talk, or to be in the same room . . . it's sad, but I'm positive that there's a very legitimate reason for all of those "rules" that girl 1 has established for herself. "Well, *you* need to be the one establishing the rules--not her." Yes, that's true . . . except she brings a very special set of circumstances to the relationship that I am not going to just throw out or trump. She has real, valid, serious concerns that need to be addressed. Nothing can help her move forward like respect and space in these kinds of situations. If she's just throwing a tantrum (which, trust me, is more often the case than not), then yah--she gets a talking-to and the appropriate response.

They're such sweet girls, too. I don't know everything about their history, and I'm pretty sure I don't *want* to know, but I feel like we *need* to know in order to help them the best we can. My guess is that we won't get to know anything unless we actually adopt them, but we'll cross that bridge later.

Sweet and sour meatballs tonight. Long live the almighty slow cooker!

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happy mom said...

you know, my mom would be of the opinion that as adults we must always have the upper hand. I have found a much better relationship by letting us all have our rules with in reason. even if she didn't have a special set of circumstances it is okay for her to set some rules, right?

cool little geo cash things. you are the collection king and queen!

sorry the kids are sick, it never ends!

We have missed geo cashing and need to do some more again.