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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Much argness

On Friday, weef, girls 1 and 2, and I all took a nice road trip up to Northern Utah. My mom and grandma are visiting from back east, and we really wanted to spend some time with them. So we went up. I brought my camera and camcorder. It was a lovely day of frolicking, resting, chatting, and it was an all-around really good day.

Until I got home.

We got the girls out of the car, got them inside and in bed (it was pretty late when we left, and it's a relatively long drive). I went back out to the car to get the camcorder and camera, which I was pretty sure should have been in the console between the two front seats. The only thing there was my 80GB Ipod and a can of coke. "Ummmm . . . "

Then it hit me: I NEVER PUT THEM IN THE CAR.

So I looked up on the roof. Amazingly and in what I consider to be a small miracle, the camera was still there. 60 miles through canyons, sharp turns, and 85 mph on the highway, and it stayed on the roof. Now . . . not to diminish the miraculous nature of it remaining intact, but we have a ski rack on the roof, and the camera was nestled in the back passenger side corner. Still, the camcorder didn't stay.

Of the two, I'd have to say that I'm glad the camcorder was the one to go. I'm head over heels in love with this camera; It's just a digital PS, but it's the rolls royce of PS cameras. Full manual control, yet I can flip it over to auto, turn it over to Lori, and the pictures are just as nice. It's fantastic.

But yah . . . the camcorder's gone. Every second of video from having the girls so far is gone. It's sad, but I'm glad we have the camera.

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happy mom said...

Oh my Gosh!!!!

you did not share this little tidbit with me today and I can't believe it!

I am so sorry and yes say your prayers that is a huge miracle!

and since you do have pictures, we need those copies, please! before you do that again!!!!

thanks for getting out your camera, I completely forgot to take in pictures.

I am very sorry that you lost the camcorder, though that sucks.