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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Inner Reflections

So, we've had girl 1 and girl 2 now for almost 4 weeks, during which I've been present for more than 3. It's been an incredibly eye-opening 4 weeks; the learning curve goes for all of us. The girls are learning to adjust to a new home, and we are adjusting to a whole new life style.

We've discovered that, at night, girl 1 really needs to hear "I Am a Child of God" before she'll even consider going to sleep peacefully, so since day 1, that's what we've sung to her at least 5 times a night. There have been some nights where we've sung it about 15-20 times (after which we lost count, so the number could actually be higher).

But it's starting to pay off. Seriously. It's like her little soul *knows* who she really is. The other day, weef was having an especially hard day. Girl 1 picked up on it, and started singing "her song". Weef looked over at her, and she instantly felt better. Yesterday, girl 1 was sitting on my lap, and she spontaneously burst in to chorus: "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me; help me find the way. Teach me all that I must do to live with Him someday." I've had a handful of spiritual experiences that I would qualify as "knock 'em dead"ers; this one was right up there. She sang that chorus while she was looking into my eyes, and it was as if our souls were communicating--not our voices and ears. I looked into her eyes, and I could literally see her soul pleading for help and understanding. I gave her the biggest hug and told her that, indeed, mommy and daddy would walk right beside her and lead her where she needs to be and teach her what she needs to know. It was amazing.

Like I said . . . I've had some 9s and 10s on the spiritual richter scale. This one . . . at least a 9.5. Wedding day: 10. This: 9.5, maybe 9.9. I don't think anything will ever overtake our wedding day, but this sure was close.

God bless these little angels for coming into our home.

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happy mom said...

that is so amazing. that song is a favorite of our kids, and maybe doesn't quite have the same impact but, but even little Josie knows I am a child of god! it is so special and amazing! children are wonderful.