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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good things come to those who wait

Well, I guess there's some good news: the girls now feel so comforable around us that they feel that can say "no" and go unpunished. There's been a dramatic shift in mentality over the last few days. While girl 1 is now much more comfortable around me and doesn't feel so threatened (though she still whines for "mommy" much more often than is necessary), girl 2 is now following her sister's old example and throwing tantrums at every opportunity.

For example:

Me: "Honey, eat your pizza."

G2: "NO, DADDY! NO!"

Me: "If you don't eat your pizza, you can't have any more milk; you'll have to have water."


Me: "Then you need to eat your pizza."

G2: "NO, DADDY! NO!"

Me: "Then you'll have to have water."

G2: "NO, DADDY! NO!"

For those with a sharp eye and better-than-average short-term memory, you'll notice a reoccurring theme amongst G2's responses. That was G1's attitude all of last week and a majority of this week. There seemed to be a paradigm shift around Thursday, though. G1 started acting more like a normal 3.25 year old girl instead of how she was acting (which, given her situation, was completely understandable; yea, normal for those of her circumstance). Since Thursday, it hasn't been all rose petals and cherry blossoms with G1, but still--dramatic improvements.

Then G2, who is apparently late to the whine party, decided that it was okay to throw herself on the floor and thrash around when she doesn't get her way. Oh yah--and everything in the house is hers: silverware, couches, toys, CDs, DVDs (no, those haven't been locked away just yet, but we're working on a very nice solution), dog food, dust bunnies, sponges, wash rags, bath-time barbies . . . they're all hers. It's annoying as . . . well, you know.

The running joke between weef and me is that we just look at each other and mouth or flash the sign for "7", which is how many years we spent praying and begging God for the chance to be parents. Now we have to remind ourselves that we did indeed ask for this for 84 months in a row. Yes, ladies and genlemen, you read that right: 84 months in a row. Fasting, praying, begging, pleading . . . and this is the end result. :)

But we're so glad. They're adorable little girls, and we've made so much progress with them in the last 2 weeks. Weef and I also ask each other, "can you imagine what they'd be like if we had had them from the get-go?" It's amazing. G1 will now automatically say a prayer on any food that is placed before her at any meal. We don't have to say, "Fold your arms and close your eyes" or anything like that; she just does it. And G2 is starting to pick up on it, but her articulation is much less than that of her older sister, as it should be. She's not even 2 yet, and her sister is 3.25 years old.

Progress in the forms of hugs and "daddy/daughter" time. Progress in the "mommy/daughter" department. Progess in the number of tantrums G1 throws. Still feisty and fidgety? You bet. What 3 year old isn't?

Good times.

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happy mom said...

It's all worth it or will be right?

they are so cute, and I need details would you ask lori to call me?

you guys are awesome parents.