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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two for One Night!

Well, as I sit here and rip CDs, might as well write some stuff, right?

I'm going to stop just short of saying it's official because it's not, but the distinct possibility of adopting girls 1 and 2 just became distinctly probable. Weef talked to the previous foster mom tonight for about an hour, and she came away with some shockingly detailed information. Granted, the previous foster mom had the girls for 6 months or so, so yah . . . she probably has some contact with DCFS still. She has a very vested interest. Anyway, she laid some dirt on weef about the birth mom that wasn't really surprising, but at the same time, you hear something, and it just hits you in the gut like a heavy-weight boxing championship.

Let's just say that she (previous foster mom) knows more than we know about what's going on with the hearing on Monday.

The weekend just got a whole lot better.

And today was actually a step forward for daddy. Girl 1 actually came with him to the store . . . ALONE. No mommy, no girl 2 . . . just daddy and girl 1. It was fun. I think she was a tad nervous though. She was really quiet in the store, which garnered the attention of the girl at the register. "Oh, look! She's so quiet!"

"Ohhh, well . . . ha ha. Not really."

"She's . . . not?"

"No. Not normally."

*blank stare from register chick*

"Oh. Hmm."

Guess who made the mistake of walking down the halloween aisle . . . with all the halloween candy. Go ahead. Guess. While you're at it, guess who won't make that mistake again.

Hey. Lessons learned, right?

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