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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I *Had* To Mention This ...

So, girl 2 is just about done with potty-training. Stubborn little pill that she is, she fought us tooth and nail (or bum and toilet paper, as I guess is more appropriate), but in the end, she/we did it.

With one fairly recent distinguishable exception ...

On Saturday, she was outside playing with girl 1, then I heard someone come in. A few seconds later, I heard the toilet flush. Then she came down stairs with her big announcement.

"Daddy! I went poo!!!"

"Great job, sweetie! I’m so proud of you!"

"In the backyard!!"

*silence while she grins her toothy grin and jumps up and down clapping*

"ummm … what?"

"Then I picked it and put it in the toilet!!"

*more silence*

"I …"


She said all of this with so much enthusiasm that it was hard to be upset about it. She was so proud for not pooping in her panties, as is so often the case with her, that all I could do was just sit there and let my mind flip flop back and forth between heaping praise on her for actually not soiling herself, and putting her in timeout for pulling down her pants and pooping on the back lawn like a dog. In the end, I did pretty much nothing other than stare back stupidly at her in sheer dumbfounded-ness.

Gotta love that kid.

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The Dixon Gang said...

I love it! Children in all of their glory :)