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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

David and Goliath--21st Century Style

Read this.

Watch the trailer. Become infuriated. I rarely condone anger on any level. This is one instance where indignation is completely and utterly justified.

I have been enraged to this level one other time in my life. That was the morning of 11 September, 2001.

It's one thing to glorify sex and drugs in movies. That line has been so crossed to the point where we can't even turn around and see where the line is, it's so far out of view.

Exploiting orphaned children, THEN stereotyping and stigmatizing them in this manner is morally reprehensible and dispicable. This line is about to be crossedby Warner Bros and Time Warner. I'm going to do all I can to keep that line from being breached.

At the bottom of the link are 3 addresses. Write to these morally bankrupt companies and inform them of your displeasure with this film. I personally intend to write them scathing letters and inform them that I intend to launch a full-scale attack against their company. I intend to find out if it's even legal to launch this film. To me, this borders on libel and slander of a group of children who are incapable of defending themselves. It stigmatizes and sterotypes children who, for whatever reason, were abandoned.

As a parent whose two angels have come into his life through the miracle and gift of foster care, I URGE ANYONE WHO READS THIS TO TAKE ACTION. The time to sit idly by and hope nothing comes of this is past. Nothing changes if you hope the other guy does something about it. Write. Blog. Post your blogs to social sites and get the word out.

I am also creating a website that will be up and running by the weekend. Look for to be up and running by Friday. If not, email me and ask what my slow-pokeyness is all about.

This does not happen. Period.


JLJ said...

Yea, that is pretty sick. I look forward to seeing your website..... pressure's on.

happy mom said...

I just posted about it thanks for getting me going on this, I have meant to do something about this for a week now.

matt said...

So sorry. That is just horrible. I'm just surprised they would make a movie so obviously hurtful to the entire group of the second most defenseless people on the planet (unborn being #1 - imo).