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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Magic of Christmas

Since little kids don't quite grasp the concept of what Christmas is actually about, it's nice to have a symbol like Santa Claus that embodies the gift of our Savior.

There is nothing quite so magical as watching two little girls get giddy and squealy over seeing santa claus when they see him. Right now, our girls are watching "The Polar Express." What a fantastic movie. They get so excited and start dancing, clapping, squealing ... it's just adorable. "DADDY! LOOK! SANTA!"

Weef and I have a tradition of giving each other an ornament for our tree. I know exactly what I'm getting her next year. I can't wait!

Though there is something so bizarrely disturbing about seeing a CGI version of Steven Tyler belting out whatever song that is at the end of the movie. Just ... creepy. How funny.

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The Dixon Gang said...

Tyler loves that movie!!! Of course he loves trains so that is the main reason but it is a family favorite :)