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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chronic Suffering and Agony

So, as many--if not all--of you know, I suffer from chronic headaches. I've been getting debilitating headaches since I was 20. That's a long time to suffer with literally no explanation of why.

Well, now there's a why. I have arthritis in my neck. Specifically, on the second and third vertebrae. For years, I've been going to doctors, getting MRIs, CT scans and x-rays. They've always been focused on my head--not my neck. FInally, I went to a chiropractor last week. He showed me exactly where and why I've been getting these headaches.

So now that we know WHAT the problem is, there has to be a solution for treating it. If nothing else, at least find out if something can be done. Fortunately for me, I live really close to a world-class medical facility. I have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday for an initial consultation.

I'm so glad that I'm FINALLY making some progress headache thing! Consequently, I know that weef and the girls will be glad to have me "whole," as it were. I constantly feel broken--not 100%. And I *want* to be 100%. I want to let my daughters play on my back, or give them horsie rides and not worry about whether I'm going to require a muscle relaxant for a week straight after. I want to stay at work all day and not have to leave because "If I don't leave now, I won't make it home." I'm tired of having this problem, and I am SO excited to be on the road to recovery. It's beautiful.


PinkDagne00 said...

Wow that's great that you found the cause-I'm sure there is something that'll help you feel better. I recommend massage therapy-it's awesome.

Texie said...

My Aunt also has had headaches her whole life and she heard the other day that they were linking headaches to people who have hole's in their hearts and so she went to get it checked and sure enough she has a hole in her heart. This is not as serious a thing as it may sound, and it is totally fixable, and she went through the exact elation that you are going through to find out what was causing these must be a huge relief.