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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heading Up to Yellowstone!

Tomorrow we embark on our 9th annual Yellowstone trip. HUZZAH! Weef and I have been every year with the exception of 2002, and that was only because we were busy commiserating after moving back from Phoenix. Other than that, from 2000 through last year, we haven't missed a year. It's been fun because we've seen a lot of changes in those almost 10 years. Lots of new growth--especially on the road heading from the west entrance to Madison Junction.

To that end, in another 10 years, it's going to be pretty tough to experience Yellowstone the way we're used to experiencing it--wide, open expanses, sweeping vistas ... the new growth is great to see because it means the park is alive and healthy, but it completely obliterates the view from the road.

One of the great thing about this trip is that I'm bringing along some new "toys" for my camera. I have a polarization filter that should allow for some pretty amazing lake and springs pics; I have a UV filter that will add some color depth to the brighter outdoor shots; I have a wide-angle lens that should allow for some broader landscape views; and I have a telephoto lens that I'm not too terribly confident in, but we'll see.

Another great thing is that the weather is going to be cold and wet--perfect for seeing animals en masse. Yogi, here we come!!

Anyway, I'll post pics on Facebook either when we get back or while we're there, if possible. The hotel we're staying in doesn't have wireless internet or ANY internet, so that might be a problem. There's a little internet cafe around the corner though, so maybe i'll post something from there. We'll see.

Huzzah for Yellowstone!

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