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Friday, January 23, 2009

ObamaWatch: Day 4

Well well well. This didn't take long.

Our new president has had a busy week. So far, he's ended the war on terror, closed Guantanamo, and freed up federal funds for foreign interests that support abortion.

End to war on terror:
Closing Guantanamo:

An all-too telling bridge between those two articles:

Abortion funds:

It is very likely that you, my devoted readers, are going to notice a very heavy political slant in my posts over the next 4 years. Maybe 8, if the country is that stupid. Everyone complained about how President Bush had low approval ratings. Yah, well ... the smart thing to do isn't always the most popular. He executed his job in office with as much precision as Reagan and FDR. You can argue that he "mired" us in Iraq, or that he's a failure because we haven't captured bin Laden. Truth is, we haven't had any other terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11 . that is a direct result of the programs HE instituted, and that President Obama is whole-sale rejecting and reversing as fast as his little hands can sign paperwork.

4 days into office, and I already don't like this guy. I was afraid this would happen. And trust me ... I *wanted* to like him. I want to believe in his vision of "the future America." However, he's literally opening doors for terrorists to attack. You can say what you want about Bush; he kept this country safe. Show me what Obama is doing to ensure that same safety.

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Texie said...

I agree. Although I am still waiting with hope that he will do an okay job.