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Monday, January 12, 2009

For Texie

Isn't life great?! ;)


April_Mommy said...

Who is Texie and why is life great for him/her?

Life is great though, I am up to making $600,000 an hour for my little Mafia ;-)

Texie said...

Ah see what I've started? (Comment above). I am Texie. And I am a 'her'. I think if Texie were a boy name...well I was going to say 'he' would be deserving of a good beaten but then thinking back on my elementary days, I am pretty sure I was made fun of for my strange name, even being female, so there you have it.
A statement such as "Life is great" dosent spark in me the curiosity of the previous post. just so you know.

Cygnus said...

well, crap. i feel foiled. though i think you'll get a kick out of the next blog post.

oh yah. april, texie. texie, april. april is a friend of mine from our college days, and texie is a friend of mine from my previous job.

i hate to tell you this, april, but my mafia is making $10.5 million an hour. ;)

Texie said...

Hello April from college!
I'm glad you didnt tell me to hold my breath for that next blog! Still eagerly anticipating.

Cygnus said...

grah ... so am i. I've already worked almost 60 hours this week, from saturday through today. it's been a psychotic 2 weeks. we have an alpha release we're trying to get out the door today. tomorrow will be calm (relatively speaking), so i might have a chance to post then.

don't hold your breath. 24 hours is a long time to go without oxygen. ;)