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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So. Who's missed me? Who's actually noticed that I haven't posted anything since 1 December? :)

Well, Christmas has come and gone, new year's day has come and gone, as has my 36th birthday. My mom's birthday has come and gone too, but we'll leave that one alone. :)

See, the whole reason I chose this forum to blog from is because I could access it from work. On the days where I can actually take a small lunch, it'd be nice to vent in the form of some other kind of writing other than the boring "second person imperative/third person indicative" style that we're forced to use by MIL-STD 38784. BORING! But hey--it's my job. I'm happy to have it. Sometimes.

The whole blog thing came to a screeching halt back at the beginning of December, when I tried to log in to here from work. I got the "big brother is watching" screen that basically says, "no no . . . don't go here. Oh . . . and by the way, we're logging your IP address. Ha ha." Okay, so it doesn't say "ha ha," but I know the Comm nazis are thinking it.

So I couldn't post from work. That sucks because by the time I get home, I'm so mentally drained from having to save the world from lame program managers that I don't *want* to type anything. Lunch time is perfect: get a little boost of energy from eating, use the carbs and protein to stimulate what few neurons and dendrites actually function . . . but nooooo. No joy from the Comm folks.

Until today! For some reason, I checked to see if I could log in, and behold--new blog from work. Pretty sweet, eh?

So being the wonderful editor I am, I will now condense all of that into 3 sentences: 1. I used to be able to blog from work; 2 Comm dorks killed the fun; 3. Now I can blog from work again.

Look at that. MAN I'm good! *pat pat pat*

Anyway, I'm glad to be here. "Here" as in this blog--not at my physical location. That's actually rather irritiating.

I bet I post again before the end of the day . . .


happy mom said...

so you do like to blog! glad that you are back and you no that I noticed that you were gone, I was too for a bit, but I am back and I finally sent you the link to the jumper thing. see you tomorrow

JLJ said...

I, for one, noticed you were gone, wondered if you'd ever return, and am very glad you're back.