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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The First Great Nostalgic Waxing of 2008

So, the other day, I was in some funk. Not necessarily a bad funk (though granted that is generally the accepted connotation), but a funk of some kind. It's the only way I know how to describe it. I felt "funky," so I was in a funk, right? Anyway, I looked up a bunch of kids I knew from the one year I lived in northern Ohio--grade 9 (I guess I shouldn't tell them that I like Duran Duran . . .). One amongst the search was a girl that I liked. It took some prodding and poking and massaging of Google to yield some results, but finally I found her. On LinkedIn, of all places. So I sent her an connection invite. Haven't heard back yet, but it doesn't look like she's all that active on there anyway. I'm curious to see if she writes back or cancels her account.

So that was Monday morning. Today, I got an email from an old friend. I'd say "ex-", but I wouldn't know what to say after that: it's a long, sad story . . . one for which I still wish had had a different way of letting go, but it is what it is . . . and, honestly, I think we're all better for it. ANYway, she sent me a lovely email, wishing me a belated birthday, which was really nice. It got me thinking about my college days. Well, single college days, anyway . . . lots of which were great, some of which sucked, but they were mostly good.

My father in law asked me a question about a month or so into my marriage to weef. We were visiting with them in their home on a nice, quiet, Sunday afternoon . . . until he dropped this bomb on me: "Do you ever wonder, 'what if . . . ?' about you and your ex-?" My answer surprised me a little, but apparently it didn't startle him in the least. "Not a day goes by that I don't wonder that." That kind of surprised me. His response nearly leveled me: "And it never stops . . ." Well!!

See, he kind of went through a similar experience to what I (and, consequently, "ex-" and weef) had to endure--the nerve-wracking decision of choosing an eternal companion, though I think his choice was somewhat truncated by the fact that his at-the-time girlfriend broke up with him. It's just weird to hear someone who had been married for well over 25 years say that he wondered nearly every day what would have happened if he had married "the other girl."

I can happily report that he's wrong. At least, in my case, he is. Weef and I are as happy as we could be, and I'm pretty positive that ex- is as happy as she can be with her man, to which I can only say, "GOOD! I'm so happy (and relieved!) to know that!"

Anyway, I'm sure there'll be other great nostalgic fits. This one in particular just felt blog-worthy.

That is all. Please return to your regularly scheduled lives and happiness. :)

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happy mom said...

that is interesting, and strange, I haven't had that at all. weird. as long as you are happy.