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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Love and Death, pt 4

Okay . . . hopefully, this will be the last post.

So I left work at 4:30. I felt like crap on so many different levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, humanly . . . it was just a really, really rough drive home. AND I had to pick up girls 1 and 2 from the sitter.

Weef stopped to pick up some pizza on the way home from her job. That was a pleasant surprise. While we were eating, I realized that I felt a lot better. I looked at the clock--5:30. "Ya know, honey . . . if we hurry, we can be on the road by 6 and to the reception by 7-ish."

"Do you really want to risk going up there? I mean, you've been sick all day. I think your family would understand."

"Yes, they would . . . by I really need to be with them right now. I don't get to see my family very often because of where everyone is; I'm not going to miss this chance."

So we went. And it was great. I felt like death the whole time we were there; the drive up was fantastic. I didn't cough once, and I felt really half way decent.

Without going into a lot of details, once we got to the reception, I had to run all over the place. It was cold and very, very dry, even with the falling snow. Once we got inside, my cough returned with a vengeance. Standing in line to see my cousin, I almost passed out. Sitting at the table, chatting with my mom, I almost blacked out. My back flared up, I was sweating profusely . . . but I was surrounded by loved ones. That's the first time I've seen all 7 cousins from my mom's youngest sister's family in a long, long time. It made me happy, and I *really* needed it. My mom and grandma were there; my brother and his wife and kids were there; all 7 cousins with their accompanying kids were there . . . even my cousin who's fighting the good fight was able to attend, and that just about made me weep with joy. It was just such an amazing experience.

I just hope I didn't get anyone sick. I slathered on the Purell as much as I could, coughed into my elbow as much as possible, etc. If I did get any of you sick, I apologize profusely . . . but I *needed

Funny ha ha . . . here's the summary of the last 4 posts: NEVER choose work over family. You will always regret it. If you have the chance to spend quality time with your family, take it; you never know when you'll get to see them again.

The end.

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JLJ said...

I'm so glad that you came eyes and all.